In a way that shocked his original audience, Jesus received the kind of worship that was reserved for God alone. Worship is the word that we use to describe the appropriate human response as we recognize who God is and what he has done. He is all-powerful and all-knowing, holy and just, perfect in all of his ways.

Yet, the Bible tells us not to worship God according to our own ideas. Instead, God makes clear in the Bible what kinds of things we are called to do as we meet with him each Sunday: praising him with singing, confessing our sins, praying, listening to his Word, and celebrating the sacraments. Our worship service is an opportunity to proclaim the Good News that Jesus came to our world to save broken people.

Followers of Jesus have worshiped him in many different styles and liturgies over the centuries. Jesus said that the vitality of true worship comes from our hearts, in line with the truth of his Word. Our service is designed that we can connect with the rich traditions of Christian worship, while also seeking a fresh, vibrant expression of worship today.

For information about joining the Worship Team, contact Pastor Jerry Straight, Head of Worship.

Our Worship Services are Sunday mornings at 9:30 am on Facebook Live or on our website here.