Jesus describes a life of following Him with the image of a seed growing to produce a harvest. We desire that our lives would reflect this kind of growth and fruit - perhaps it seems slow at times, perhaps we are plagued by drought or storms - yet our hope is that more and more we are moving towards him and becoming like him. We believe that such growth isn't automatic, but comes to us graciously through learning from the Word of God, through prayer, and through the sacraments of the Church. 

We believe that the message of the Bible is trustworthy for every generation. It is worth our effort to learn and understand what Jesus said and what it means for us today. But, this is not just an individual pursuit of knowledge; rather, we are committed to learning from Jesus together, sharing our thoughts, experiences and perspectives towards the goal of becoming more like Him.

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More than once, we read that Jesus challenged adults (even "really religious" ones) to have faith more like children. Kids teach us about the simple trust that we seek in following Jesus in an unpredictable world.

Unlike many segments of our society today, the Church is a place where all generations are welcomed. We delight in the covenant promises of the Bible which speak of the message of God being passed down from one generation to the next that each would proclaim the goodness of God and not forget all of His kindness to His people.

Children are welcomed into our worship service that they, too, would learn how to worship. We provide nurseries for the youngest ones and Wee Worship through 1st grade during the sermon. During our discipleship hour, we encourage the children to participate in our Sunday School program.


The purpose of Grace EP Youth is to guide students to maturity in Christ, commitment to the church, and outreach to the world.

Youth Group (grades 6-12) gathers weekly on Sunday nights from 6-8PM at church for food, friendship, games, and Bible study.

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Since we believe that God has spoken to us in the Bible, it is vital that we grow in our understanding of what he says. Formally and informally, in larger groups and smaller groups, men and women, have the opportunity to learn from God's Word together in the church.

Grace Steps is what we call our adult discipleship ministry on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. 
Be sure to pick up your copy of our most recent Grace Steps in the church foyer.