Sunday MorningS at 9:30 am

You are invited.

We gather for worship Sundays at 9:30 am, and we have discipleship for all ages at 11:15 am. In between the two, we share a few minutes together over snacks and coffee.

Jesus encourages us to meet together for worship. Whether you are new to the church or have attended all of your life, our worship service is designed for each of us to turn our hearts to Jesus. We appreciate the worship traditions rooted in Church history, while always seeking fresh expressions of praise in the present moment.

Our Mission

To Follow Jesus. Together.

Jesus invites women and men, boys and girls to follow him. He calls us to read his words, listen to his voice, and share his message of peace, justice, love and salvation with the world around us because his entry into our world has changed everything. We are a community of ordinary people who are being transformed by his call: "Follow me." 

Our mission is oriented around the practices of the Church from her earliest days until today: to worship Jesus, to share his message, to grow in his teachings, and to form a new community known by our love and care for one another. Each of these four practices shapes and guides all that we do as a Church. 

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  • Outreach

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